How to connect my printer to WiFi Network?

Modified on Wed, 06 Mar 2024 at 11:13 AM

Option 1 - Connect via USB & Setting Tool:

1. Connect your V-WLRP5 Printer to your PC via USB

2. Download and install Windows Driver from (Select Receipt Printer -> V-WLRP5) 

3. Download and open Testing Tool from (Select Receipt Printer -> V-WLRP5)

Alternatively, you may use your phone to setup the printer, visit article:

4. With Testing Tool opened, click "Advanced", while making sure USB and POS-80 is selected

5. Click "Set Net" in Net Setting:

6. In the Pop-up screen, type in the SSID and WIFI Key of your local WiFi network (SSID or password containing special characters like +,$,*,&, etc. may not connect properly, we are working on a fix) and click "Set Above Contents". 

**(If you would like to automatically fetch an IP, skip Net Setting (delete all prefilled values and leave to blank), otherwise, input an unoccupied IP address, and NetMask and Gateway and click "Set above contents". )

7. The printer should "beep" if set correctly and print out a WiFi slip. Restart the printer and print SelfTest to confirm changes (Turn off printer -> Hold on to the Feed button -> Turn on printer with Feed button held -> Release Feed button after 5 seconds, self test should be printed with IP)

Option 2 - Connect via Printer's configuration page:

1. Use mobile device, connect to Printer's wifi: WIFI Printer , password: 012345678

2. Once connected, enter IP in your browser

3. Username and password is 'admin' 

4. Once entered into the setting page, select "STA Setting", find the wifi network you would like your printer to join

5. Enter wifi password, and select Obtain an IP Address Automatically to "Enable"

6. Save your settings

7. Printer will then automatically connect, reboot and print out the IP address.

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